Want a Free Referral to an LTD Lawyer Outside Northwest Florida?

I realize that not everyone who visits this site is from the Northwest Florida area, where I practice. In fact, most visitors to my site aren’t. For those of you who live outside my practice area, but are looking for a long term disability or ERISA lawyer, I now offer free referrals via my online referral request form. I only make referrals to lawyers in the USA (sorry, but ERISA is US law and I don’t really know any non-US lawyers).

Know that I won’t just refer you to some random lawyer I found on Google. I will only refer you to lawyers for whom I can personally vouch as being well versed in disability and ERISA law. I know hundreds of LTD lawyers across the country (we’re a pretty small community). The odds are good that I know one close to you. If I don’t, I’ll just say so.

So, you can get a free referral from me, and know that your lawyer is highly qualified in this area of law, or you can pick the lawyer in the phone book with the nicest ad and cross your fingers. There’s no obligation for you to hire the lawyer I recommend, so you really don’t have anything to lose by letting me do the legwork for you. And did I mention that it costs you nothing?

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